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When James I became king in the group was renamed the King's Company. The group performed in two theatres near the banks of the River Thames in London - the Globe and Blackfriars.

Shakespeare went own a share of these theatres. In Shakespeare's time, women were not allowed to act on stage so all the female parts had to be played by boys. Shakespeare Week: What was life like years ago? William Shakespeare's th birthday. What is the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah? Climate change matters: Find out more with Newsround. Quiz: How well do you know the Strictly dances?

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The moons of Uranus were originally named in after magical spirits from English literature. Shakespeare had close connections with King James I.

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The new title made Shakespeare a favourite with the King and in much demand for Court performances. Shakespeare never actually published any of his plays. The United States has Shakespeare to thank for its estimated million starlings. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth was a famous Shakespearean actor.

Most writers wrote in the daytime and socialised in the evenings. There is no reason to think that Shakespeare was any different from his contemporaries. Rumour has it that poet John Keats was so influenced by Shakespeare that he kept a bust of the Bard beside him while he wrote, hoping that Shakespeare would spark his creativity.

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The text of some plays like Hamlet and Antony and Cleopatra refer to that. It was only much later, during the Restoration, that the first woman appeared on the English stage. Within two hours the theatre was burnt to the ground, to be rebuilt the following year.

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See our article on interesting facts on The Globe Theatre. An outbreak of the plague in Europe resulted in all London theatres being closed between and Shakespeare in words. To help counter this, actors got their lines only once the play was in progress — often in the form of cue acting where someone backstage whispered them to the person shortly before he was supposed to deliver them. Read to the bottom and still in need of unusual Shakespeare facts?

Shakespeare’s Skull and Other Famous Stolen Body Parts

Check out our list of 23 things you never knew about Shakespeare. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. William Shakespeare Facts: 3 Shakespeare had seven siblings: Joan b , only lived 2 months ; Margaret b ; Gilbert b ; another Joan b ; Anne b ; Richard b and Edmund b William Shakespeare Facts: 6 Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway had three children together — a son, Hamnet, who died in , and two daughters, Susanna and Judith.

Masks of Death: Death Masks of Lincoln, Shakespeare and Others

William Shakespeare Facts: 10 Shakespeare lived a double life. William Shakespeare Facts: 12 During his lifetime Shakespeare became a very wealthy man with a large property portfolio. In a country where power was centred on the throne, the issues of sovereignty and power, dramatised in Shakespeare's history plays, would have been at the centre of society, affecting everyone within it. These were handwritten documents where they would jot down notes, accounts, poems, and snippets from plays.

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Wright criticised Hamlet as 'an indifferent [mediocre] play, the lines but mean [average]. Wright did, however, enjoy Othello , which he deemed 'a very good play', and particularly liked the parts of 'villainous' Iago and 'jealous' Othello. These notes also show us that Shakespeare originally became popular as a poet, not a playwright.

William Shakespeare: Famous People William Shakespeare: Famous People
William Shakespeare: Famous People William Shakespeare: Famous People
William Shakespeare: Famous People William Shakespeare: Famous People
William Shakespeare: Famous People William Shakespeare: Famous People
William Shakespeare: Famous People William Shakespeare: Famous People

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