The Right Side of the Fairway

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The OB left is closer than it looks. There are 6 traps on this hole that will collect any off line shots. This largely flat green allows for some long holed putts.

Course Management Strategy 101

Job 1 is getting the green in sight on this 90 degree dogleg. Give yourself a little room to the right on the tee shot. OB Right and left left OB is on your tee shot only. Another difficult green especially if you are behind the pin.

Course Tour

Being short of the green is preferable to either bunker shot. Two traps flank the hole left and right. Trees on the right all the way to the hole. A drive missed right leaves a very difficult shot to a very small landing area. The green slopes right to left significantly. Play for par and you will have a chance at birdie. This ridge top tee is windblown from all directions. OB far left and behind the green. Red staked wet-land on the right. A big maple tree halfway down the fairway will deflect pulled tee shots in all directions.

The large green features subtle breaks on the front half, the back half is fairly flat.

Many players use the same club here that they used on 7. OB on the entire left side. Fairway slopes quite a bit to the left.

Coaches Playbook: 10 More Yards: Part 3, Chapter 3 - A 3-Lane Highway Approach to Hitting Fairways

The ideal tee shot is center right and will funnel to the left. Use the large hickory tree to the right of the green as your aiming spot with your second shot. This large green has a distinct right to left break as you face the green. Putts from the back of the green are all down grain and faster than they look. Depending on the pin placement and wind direction, club selection here can vary by 4 clubs.

OB left and trees come into play half way to the green. This uphill hole requires that shots carry all the way to the green. This tiered green is the largest on the course. Red and white flags are on the first level, blue flags on the back. Our signature hole. Tee shot will be affected by wind, OB left. The tee shot is blind down into a valley. The landing zone in front of the green might be 10 feet, missing the green left is bad and missing it right is worse. The prudent shot might be short of the green. This will give you the best opportunity to keep the ball below the hole.

OB left. Any tee shot on line with the directional flag or just right of it is good. The prevailing right to left wind can knock an approach shot out of the air in a heartbeat. The long kidney shaped green is replete with many subtle breaks. Being exposed to the wind makes this green faster than it looks. OB left and tree right all the way to the green.

A drive past the hickory tree in the fairway is a good start.

My Swing Evol : 01/01/2014 Driver Right Side Fairway

Second shots will bounce a little to the right, be careful not to cut it too close, your 3rd shot will be blocked out by all the trees. One deep bunker to the right. Bi-level green will test your green reading ability. Putts from back to front are downhill and quick.

Hyannis GC – Course Tour

OB Right and trees line both sides of the fairway. The long ball hitter can cut a little off the dogleg and shorten the hole. You can afford to be a little more aggressive on those holes. Otherwise, be okay with a par. While some amateurs are intimidated by the length, focus on the fact that you will have more chips and wedges into greens than any other hole. You can afford to be more aggressive on these holes as you have shorter approach shots. Settle for par but strive for birdies!

The biggest takeaway from this post is that you need to commit to each tee shot. Your tee shot will set up the rest of the hole and chances to shoot a low score. Otherwise you open yourself up to missing big and scoring bigger. The biggest thing is to always hit the shot you know you can, not the one you think you should! Now that you have a good framework for tee box strategy.

Buffalo Peak Golf Scorecard

The next step in learning good course management is reading our article on approach shot strategy. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. A good sloping green from back right to front left will challenge the best of putters. Par is a good score here. Number 4 - This dogleg right will require a long iron or fairway wood for most players off the tee.

Second shots will require an extra club to this uphill green. Beware if the false front; shots landing on the front of the green will roll back into the fairway. Number 5 - A fairway wood or long iron to the left side of the fairway will give a good view of this two-tiered green.

An approach shot to the proper level will ensure a good run at birdie. Number 6 - This beautiful par three calls for a proper club selection. Missing this green to the right will leave a tough up and down. Number 7 - A properly placed tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood should leave a short iron or wedge into this shallow green with bunkers short and long.

Number 8 - Davis Love III's favorite hole will demand a strong drive aimed at the left side fairway bunker. This will leave a long iron approach into this green guarded by bunkers left and right. Par is a great score here. Number 9 - You will do well to keep your drive up the right center of the fairway.

The Right Side of the Fairway The Right Side of the Fairway
The Right Side of the Fairway The Right Side of the Fairway
The Right Side of the Fairway The Right Side of the Fairway
The Right Side of the Fairway The Right Side of the Fairway
The Right Side of the Fairway The Right Side of the Fairway

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