The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)

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Journey to the Missouri. King Rat Asian Saga, 4. This light-hearted, easy-to-read tale set in the USA, is told through emails, texts, diary entries, and extracts from stories. When her relationship falters Crystal finds herself living back with her loving but interfering Mom. Crystal decides her mum needs a boyfriend and signs her up for a lifelike experimental robot, what on earth could go wrong?! I started reading with a slight hesitation but soon settled down as I got used to the texts and emails laid out on the page in front of me.

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The characters are inventively introduced by Crystal Hemmingway through different forms of electronic communication. The individual personality traits start to shine through and I was able to connect with them even with the limited descriptive detailing. A gentle well, apart from the occasional brawl and scuffle , amusing mystery focusing on an orchestra who with good intentions, invite two local schools to join them. Add to the mix a dash of romance, an off duty Detective Chief Inspector, a famous composer, plenty of gossip after practice at the pub and you have an enjoyable read in your hands.

Isabel Rogers balances the music know-how with more than a whiff of mystery. The characters are bright and engaging, or occasionally downright dastardly. Bold as Brass is an entertaining read, light-hearted it may be, it is also capable of provoking thoughts too. A beautifully charming, amusing, and gentle read, visiting with great empathy and grace occasional cloudy darkness. Library volunteer Martha Storm is a quietly helpful, book-loving hoarder.

When she finds a mysterious book relating to her past, Martha begins to see the possibilities life can offer. This is an author who explores different, cheers on quiet, and celebrates the unique properties to be found in each of us. The words sang to me, I gathered them up and hugged every single one as they arrived in my mind. I adored this read, my heart filled with love for the characters as I smiled and felt heart-ache alongside them. Other magical stories can be found within the pages, they arrive and make a considerate, thoughtful point. Romantic, wry and fragrant with the intoxicating bouquet of la vie Parisienne, this book will brighten the greyest of days with Gallic charme and enchantement.

Paris, , and Hubert invites a few associates to share a bottle of exquisite Beaujolais. Among his guests are American tourist Bob, and neighbour Julien. Despite enjoying a very pleasant sojourn in the past - encountering Audrey Hepburn in a bar, dining with Edith Piaf - the question is: how can they return to ? Driven by droll humour and romance, and with a miraculous climax, this is a fabulously full-bodied-book with crisply sweet undertones.

Being the person you want to be, proving detractors wrong, overcoming fears, and revealing the importance of seeing beyond stereotypes - beauty vlogger and dictionary-lover Tulip does all this and more in this hugely entertaining novel. With Harvey as her team leader and her fellow contestants expecting her to fail, Tulip digs deep and surprises everyone with her resourcefulness and team-spirited outlook, but not before many comic mishaps, terrifying challenges and conflicted swirls of romance.

Funny, gripping and with an inspirational feel-good feminist theme, this will have readers rooting for Tulip every step of the way. The first sentence had me chortling and I settled further down into the comfort of my sofa to enjoy the read. Molly tells her own story, I could really hear her voice and her personality shines through.

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She is crazy busy, trying to keep all the balls in the air, and stressed beyond her limits. On top of her more than stressful duties she must hire a new chef. She finally settles on one, Count Spatula. His first action, before even getting the job, was to take care of the princess which is something no one else in the castle thinks to do. He not only rushes to her side, he also pulls tea and muffins from his chefs hat and gets the job.

The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)
The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)
The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)
The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)
The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)
The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1) The Flair (The Primary Brawl Book 1)

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