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Jo O'Malley might have been hell-bent to avenge her husband's murder, but U. Marshal Fletcher Collins swore she wouldn't be allowed to take the law into her own hands.

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Pembroke Palace - 3. The Mistress Diaries. Pembroke Palace - 2. In My Wildest Fantasies. Pembroke Palace - 1. Surrender to a Scoundrel. American Heiress - 6. Portrait of a Lover. American Heiress - 5. People in Westeros apparently just apply colloquial names to each hour of the day, i. A few other hour names have been mentioned in passing:. The timeline of the books is broadly similar to that of the TV series, with several minor differences. Several younger characters - most notably Jon Snow, all of the Stark children and Daenerys Targaryen - are two to three years older than their book equivalents, which has required the date of Robert's Rebellion to be pushed back from fifteen to seventeen years before the events of the series begin.

Other characters are older Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon are ten years older than their book counterparts or younger Ser Vardis Egen is decades younger than in the book, while Theon is two years younger , though for the most part this has no bearing on the timeline. In the book chronology, roughly two years pass between the beginning of A Game of Thrones and the end of the third novel, A Storm of Swords.

Less than a full year actually passes in each novel. The child actors in the TV series, however, still age at a normal rate during production, so in order to keep consistent, the TV series generally follows the rule that one TV season equals one year in the storyline. This made them gain a full year by the end of Season 3, as the Red Wedding occurred only two years after Jon Arryn died. Moreover, the third novel is so long that the TV series producers have announced that they will split it into two separate seasons of ten episodes each, for a total of twenty episodes to adapt the story.

Nonetheless, due to using the child actors and the one TV season equals one story year rule, this means that another extra year was added as a result of splitting the third novel into two TV seasons. Arya Stark is 9 years old in the first novel, but due to aging up all of the characters by two years in the TV continuity, she directly states that she is 11 years old in Season 1.

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In the books, Arya was 11 years old at the time of the Red Wedding, and remained 11 years old for the rest of the third novel which will correspond to the end of Season 4. Ultimately, Arya will be 15 years old in the TV continuity by the end of Season 4: one year gained from expanding a two year storyline into three years, and another gained from splitting the third novel in half.

In contrast, book-Arya was only 11 years old at the end of the third novel corresponding to the end of Season 4. Ideas abandoned by George R. Martin during the writing of the novels were including longer, multi-month gaps between chapters in A Game of Thrones and also jumping forwards five years after the events of A Storm of Swords. In both cases, the need to continue addressing in-progress storylines meant that these time jumps could not be carried out. Whether the TV series employs such devices in the future remains to be seen.

The date given on Jorah's letter of pardon from Season 1 is " AL", the same as in the books - which has been taken as establishing that both the TV series and first novel begin in the year AC, though time moves more slowly in the TV series. A key point is that it isn't actually certain what calendar year it is supposed to be in the TV continuity. Two extra years were added between Robert's Rebellion and the death of Jon Arryn, but it isn't certain exactly how this was achieved: either that Robert's Rebellion occurred two years earlier than it did in the books, or that Jon Arryn died two years later than his book counterpart.

There has been no on-screen statement about what the exact date is. In the books, the Red Wedding occurred slightly before the calendar year changed over into AC Joffrey and the Lannisters gloated that the defeat of the Starks would usher in a glorious new Lannister century.

However, prop letters written in Season 1 such as the royal pardon for Jorah Mormont are dated as being written in AC - which is the same year that the first novel begins. Game of Thrones Wiki has taken this as indicating that Robert's Rebellion must have occurred two years earlier in the TV continuity.

The major datable event from King Robert's reign in the TV continuity is that the Greyjoy Rebellion is still consistently stated to have occurred 9 years before the beginning of the story, i. Balon remarks that it has been nine years since he saw Theon when he returns to Pyke in early Season 2 not quite 10 years yet because it is still early in Season 2 and this is spillover dating from Season 1; other references also give it as 9 years.

In the books, the Greyjoy Rebellion also occurred 9 years before the story begins - to necessitate just how long Theon was functionally raised in the Stark household as Ned's ward. In the book continuity, with a 15 year gap since Robert's Rebellion, the Greyjoy Rebellion occurred 6 years after Robert was crowned. In the TV series, the 17 year gap since Robert's Rebellion means that the Greyjoy Rebellion occurred 8 years into Robert's reign and in both continuities, it was 9 years before Jon Arryn died.

Even so, the Greyjoy Rebellion isn't a useful dating point, because we only know of its date relative to Robert's Rebellion. It doesn't necessarily mean that the extra two years were inserted earlier in Robert's reign or that Robert's Rebellion started two years earlier - the Greyjoy Rebellion is not a fixed point, and Balon might simply have decided to wait an extra two years before attempting his rebellion in the TV continuity. In the novels, Robert's Rebellion occurred 15 years before the first novel, then two years later Joffrey died, meaning that about 17 years passed between the death of the Mad King and the death of Tywin Lannister.

In the TV series, the rebellion began two years earlier, and another year was gained due to time moving more slowly across three seasons of the TV series, so in the TV continuity, closer to 20 years passed between the death of the Mad King and the death of Tywin Lannister. Indeed, in Season 4 episode 8 " The Mountain and the Viper ", Littlefinger mentions to the other Vale lords that it has been "twenty years" since Robert's Rebellion: apparently he was not rounding up, as this number matches the "one TV season equals one year" principle.

This was presumably done to make Aemon's explanation of his genealogy to Jon Snow more concise and less convoluted. When directly asked about this, writer has wider implications for the potential live-action adaptation of the prequels that HBO has been discussing with George R.

Also, in the books, Rickon Stark 's age at the beginning of the series is 3 years old. This would mean he had been born in AC , as was his age when the books began with the poisoning of Jon Arryn. On the contrary, further events are seemingly untouched, as Daenerys Targaryen has also been living with Illyrio Mopatis for a year at the beginning of the series.

Sansa Stark prominently states in the first episode of Season 1 that she is thirteen years old - following the rule that younger characters have been aged-up by two years as she was only eleven at this point in the books. Yet on her wedding night in Season 3's "Second Sons", Sansa tells Tyrion that she is fourteen, not fifteen as expected. This is not quite as big of an inconsistency, as Sansa might just be "on the verge" of turning fifteen but her exact nameday hasn't passed yet plus she is so afraid of having sex with Tyrion that she might just be emphasizing how young she is to deter him.

The TV series also introduced some inconsistencies with the ages of Cersei Lannister, and her son Joffrey.

The TV series has Cersei state in " Blackwater " that she was four years old when her mother died giving birth to her younger brother Tyrion , but in the books she was roughly eight years old at the time. The numbers simply don't match up: Tywin was made Hand of the King to Aerys II Targaryen because Aerys was impressed with how he ruthlessly crushed House Reyne, Tywin then served as Hand of the King for twenty years, resigned soon before Robert's Rebellion, then another 17 years passed in the TV continuity.

Thus in order for Cersei to be able to remember the Reyne Rebellion she would have to be in at least her mid-forties, but both Cersei the character and actress Lena Headey were in their mid-thirties in Season 3. In the TV series, Tyrion says that he was sixteen when he married Tysha , while in the books he was thirteen. This may be part of the TV series overall attempt to avoid even mentioning thirteen year-olds having sex such as Daenerys at the beginning of book 1.

In Season 2's " The Prince of Winterfell ", Tyrion makes an off-hand remark that Joffrey is seventeen years old, contrasting this with how his "uncle" Jaime was already a highly skilled warrior at seventeen but Joffrey is not. In the books, Jaime was fifteen years old when he was knighted following the destruction of the Kingswood Brotherhood , and was named to the Kingsguard only a few months later. It would seem that the TV series's principle of raising the age of adulthood in Westeros by two years was also extended retroactively as otherwise it would seem strange to a modern audience that Jaime was barely fifteen when appointed to such a prestigious position.

Joffrey is actually only thirteen years old in the second novel: his nameday tournament in the Season 2 premiere was explicitly stated to be for his thirteenth nameday in the books, but the TV series avoided giving a number at the time. While many of the younger characters have been aged-up by about two years generally , this would make Joffrey four years older than his book counterpart. It is possible that this was simply a stray line in "The Prince of Winterfell" meant by the writers to contrast Joffrey with Jaime, but which didn't take the timeline into account.

Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)
Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1) Sworn Secret (Royalist series Book 1)

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