Step Out of the Boat

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Peter is nowhere to be seen. Peter, will you be a witness of the resurrection? John arrived first, peeked in, and then hesitated.

Step out of the boat

And, oddly, while the Upper Room appearances of the risen Lord are given in Mark ff, Luke ff, and John ff, not one word is mentioned about Peter, the most loquacious of the Twelve, the one who spoke when no one else knew what to say see Mark Perhaps Peter had been humbled by his failings over the past few hours, and God was doing a new work in him. To see how he witnessed of the resurrection thereafter, read his sermons in Acts and the two epistles bearing his name.

In particular, do not miss I Peter and Peter, will you preach to Jerusalem and go public in this gospel message? Peter was the preacher, but he was backed up by all the disciples. And we will not fault him for this.

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This was scary. And yet, the power of God was surging within them all, and this had to be done.

Step out of the Boat

Peter, will you boldly take a stand before the religious authorities for Jesus? After healing the cripple at the gate called Beautiful, a crowd gathered and Peter preached his second sermon Acts 3. Peter, will you be willing to suffer for Jesus? Now Peter was fine on the ship.

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The ship represents a place of comfort, a place of stability, a place of security, a place of support. But Peter was saying right now the only problem is we're in the boat with all this supposed safety, security and stability, but Jesus is NOT in the boat.

So he was willing to leave that place to do what Jesus did and be where He was.

How to Step Out of the Boat in Faith

I know the comfort zone can seem to be a beautiful place, but the problem is nothing ever grows in the comfort zone. Rather you know it or not, the reason why some people never reach the next level and the next place where God is trying to take them is because they have become too satisfied with the comfort zone, too too satisfied with what's familiar.

There are a lot of people who would rather be on the ship without Jesus, than be off the ship with Jesus. They are afraid to get their feet wet. I don't care how high the waves come and how hard the storm is raging, if Jesus is not in the boat, what protection can it really provide?

Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat
Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat
Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat
Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat
Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat
Step Out of the Boat Step Out of the Boat

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