My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life

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Sometimes, I cry. Emotion has been the crux of poetry for centuries - one of its pillars standing next to storytelling. And spoken word, especially in its most modern form, has allowed people who might not even consider themselves "poets" to capture emotion in a more self-endearing, a more understanding, and in a more personal manner. When I slam, I outwardly cast that emotion to my audience.

Emotion is the epitome and the driving force that, when properly expressed and by properly, I mean by slam poetry standards , turns words on a page into impressionable and unforgettable art. You may revise it over time and feel ready to share it with others at some point or decide to keep it to yourself. Sometimes poetry can act as a form of therapy and help you process intense emotions you may be experiencing. You do not need to feel pressure to share your emotional poetry if you are writing it only for yourself and your own enjoyment.

What are examples of metaphors that would help make it seem more realistic? Metaphors are a direct reference wherein a word or phrase is applied to an object or action which is not acceptable. An example is "She is a rose, forever blooming in my garden". It doesn't literally mean she is a rose, but that she has attributes of one. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful If you're talking about poems that no one else will ever see, a private journal or similar medium is a good way to do it.

To The Love of My Life│Spoken Word Poetry

Emotional poetry is actually a very good thing to put in a journal, as it helps you to work through your feelings without any judgement, and can be good practice for poems you want to show others. There are many purposes for a poem. It could be to express your feelings about yourself, someone else, or certain things. It could be for the fun of wordplay. It could be because you just love poetry.

The Life of Poetry, Chapter 1

Not Helpful 4 Helpful It depends on the audience. Writing about death or grief generally works. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. It depends on the audience you are writing the poem for. Are you writing it for school? If so, try to keep it PG-PG If you're just writing a poem for yourself, or if you're hoping to get it published in a literary magazine mostly read by adults , you can write whatever you want.

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Essay about Poetry: Emotions in Words - Words | Bartleby

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Stephanie Wong Ken. Co-authors: Updated: March 29, SM Shanaia Mia Aug Sylvester 17 Jun 5. It's simple and easy to follow through the steps outlined. I have learned the guidelines to write a better poetry, and if followed, ensure success! Thumbs up. Trivial issues but mighty mountains digits. Go beyond, challenge your limits, Experience the miracles of nature, Subside your pain, let stress be a bygone, Rediscover yourself in the far unknown. I see traveling and going to unknowns as a remedy to the pain and frustration.

This way one can rediscover himself and find meaning to life.

Life Or Death Poetry

Jazmine Jul D Awanis Dec Nostalgic Feelings. Nostalgia is a beautiful phenomenon It's when life seemingly happier, more adventurous, and less chaotic People frequently romanticize and misplaced it As a neverland, wonderland, you name it More often than not, they think it's all they have left As I grow older, I can see those fragment of memories Vividly, so crystal clear that it almost feels real But baby, nostalgia is a psychological illusion So, come to your senses now Recall this as a mantra Breathe in, breathe out He's not a history—he's a tragedy.

Chrissy Ade Aug Days of the Week. On Monday we met, our eyes fixated on one another, eager to know more On Tuesday we talked, twiddling our thumbs, fidgeting in our seats, pondering on the right things to say On Wednesday we hugged, your arms held me close, heartbeats in sync, I felt myself floating On Thursday we kissed, our lips gravitated towards each other, like the moon and the sea, the connection was natural On Friday we confessed, three little words wrapped around our ears, forever tattooed in our minds On Saturday you disappeared, no note, no call, no text not a trace of you left that I could still hold on to On Sunday I cried, my heart still beats, but never the same way, would you ever give me a reason if I ever asked "Why?

Sweet Poems of Love From The Heart

Just a cheeky poem about first love E Aug Fire Mar This Is Art. You ripped it my pretty little heart - but that's okay because now I can pin it on a wall and scream This Is Art. Piyush Gahlot Sep Your memories is all I have! I see you here, Just beside me near, Your soft voice I can hear, Whispering my name in my ear. I am drowning in your memories.

I hear your laughters, I can hear you crying, Still remember your hugs, Your surprise kisses, Beautiful scene of you making your hair, Baby em drowning in your memories. I miss your stupid face, Your innocence and that grace That slight grin, Beautiful little chin, Those perfect hair, You making that stare. Baby em drowning in your memories.

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I loved you then, I love you now, Doesn't matter if you ain't near, Losing you , I have no fear. But yeah em drowning in your memories. Missing her close near. She ain't comming back. All I have is her memories. Still I feel she is with me somewhere. EJR Jul I hear your name everywhere Your whispers in the buzzing of the bees Your exasperated sighs in the beeping of the cars Your ecstatic storytelling in the humdrum of random noises I see you in every hue Your calm demeanor in shades of blue Your road rage in shades of red Your cheeky laugh in shades of yellow I taste you in every way Your kiss in this smooth black chocolate The warmth of your hand in this bowl of soup Your icy stare in gulping this cold water I smell you in every scent Your warm hug in this cup of coffee Your compassion in this bouquet of Stargazers Your glistening eyes in this cigarette Doctors, please help me I have the rarest case of synesthesia When it comes to you, My brain malfunctions My senses, once numb, feel everything All at once In the most passionate and In the most heightened sense To feel you in everything.

To experience you in every way. My eyes only see you My nose only smells you My tongue only craves you My ears only hear you My brain only perceives you My synesthesia Is only in the form of you.

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I heard Pablo Neruda has synesthesia. So i wondered, What is it like to feel everything in all kinds of way? Original title: Syn[an]astasia.

Jack Jenkins Jun Let's Roast Some Marshmallows! And I give you that smile that hides all the hairline fractures in my heart.

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  4. Every wonderful longing is swallowed alive, I'm transcending my emotional capacity to live and love. All my cheer is shallow and without substance, Naught more than a cooked marshmallow: Sweet and crisp without any nourishment. My wretched self allows me to suffer thus. Isolated when never alone, Alone when in true love, Irreversibly broken, Choking on my frozen dust.

    Emma Jan The smoke flows From between your lips The rain flows down your hair And falls from the tips Black, dripping from your nose Your face is always So close So warm But never close enough Never close enough.

    My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life
    My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life
    My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life
    My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life
    My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life My Poetry of Emotion ~ A Life

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