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Pipe railstops for 40 mm. The contractor shall furnish and install suitable depression stops for.

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Test-loading and releasing of dummy torpedo from each rack 4 racks per boat shall be performed after installation. The following articles will be supplied by the Government and shall be installed or shall have stowage provided by the contractor as directed by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding. In addition, there shall be supplied one out of every four cradles equipped with rubber-tired wheels and steering linkage. Rig one for service. BuShips ltr. I racks. For other Government-furnished articles see Special Specifications for Machinery, dated 15 April Care shall be taken to preserve the structure, deck coverings, fitting, equipage, outfit, furniture, paint work, auxiliaries, appliances and apparatus in a satisfactory condition during the entire period of construction and fitting out.

Special measures shall be taken where necessary or directed by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding to prevent the usual wear and tear and damage incident to construction, and to prevent corrosion, especially to unpainted and polished parts of machinery and fittings, and to prevent corrosion and freezing between moving parts.

All defects, damages, and deteriorations of the vessel, its parts, fittings, outfit, etc. Just before the delivery of the vessel to the Government all tanks, piping, fixtures, valves, pumps, and all other systems or parts of systems through which it is intended that any part of the potable water supply of the vessel shall flow, or in which it is intended that such water shall be stored, shall be thoroughly flushed with an approved nonpoisonous, noncorrosive, and antiseptic solution in such manner as approved by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding.

The Government undertakes to complete, with reasonable rapidity, the inspection of all work. The work of construction shall be at all times open to the inspection of the Supervisor of Shipbuilding and his assistants, and every facility afforded such inspectors for the prosecution of their work. The same facilities for inspection shall be afforded to the Naval Inspector of Ordnance and his assistants, insofar as work under the cognizance of that Bureau is concerned. The inspectors may reject any unfit workmanship or material, or forbid the use thereof.

The contractor shall furnish such samples of materials and information as to the quality thereof and the manner of using the same as may be required, and any assistance necessary in testing or handling materials for the purpose of inspection or test shall be furnished by, and at the expense of the contractor.

The contractor shall supply such blueprints as the Supervisor of Shipbuilding may require for the execution of the work and for the files of Supervisor of Shipbuilding's office. The contractor shall furnish the Government inspector with copies of all material orders at the time such orders are placed so that such material may be inspected at place of manufacture if the Government so elects. Contract plans. The intent of these plans is to show the essential general features and arrangements but not the exact details.

All plans prepared by the contractor shall be approved by the Supervisor of Shipbuilding. Any material ordered on work executed by the contractor before final approval of the plan of the work involved, shall be entirely at the contractor's risk. These plans shall be prepared in general accordance with the 10 requirements of the General Specifications for Building Vessels of the U. Navy, appendix 16, chapter 1. Finished plans.

Elco PT Boat: 80 Feet of Wood and Weaponry

Deck arrangement. Fire extinguishing. Potable water. Steering gear. Engine room piping. Docking, general dimensions and data. Inboard arrangement. Outboard profile. Shaft arrangement.

PT Boats and the Connecticut Connection

Wiring diagram. Plans for squadrons. Bottom blocking. Lubricating oil system assembly. Miscellaneous pipe lines. Underwater exhaust master assembly. Cabin arrangement.

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Lux system arrangement and detail of. Docking plan. Inboard profile hull construction.

Towing bitt forward. Fuel tank installation and construction of tank compartment. Type sections. Deck framing. Construction of cabin trunk. Oerlikon ammunition racks and general stowage in rudder compartment. Torpedo firing circuit wiring diagram. Instrument panel thermal wiring diagram. Gemmer gear outline. Heat exchanger assembly. Heat exchanger details.

Drawings PT Boat | blue print | Pt boat, E boat, Boat building

Heat exchanger tube plate details. Cooler oil control valve. Steering shaft gimbal bearing. Rudder bearings lower. Rudder bearings upper. Steering shaft bulkhead bearing. Steering gear chain adjuster. Steering gear assembly in boat. Sherwood oil pump assembly V-drive.

Machinery plan of engine room. Propeller shaft location. Exhaust pipe and muffler connection. Exhaust pipe assembly. Fore and aft push rod assembly throttle system. Mooring bitt. Bridge control rod assembly throttle system.

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Instrument panel assembly. Fuel tank fill and sound and suction tube. Fuel system flow control. Salt water scoop control assembly. Fresh water system assembly. Storage battery power and charging circuit wiring diagram. General lighting circuit wiring diagram. Battle lighting circuit wiring diagram. Power distribution circuit wiring diagram. Electrical circuit schematic. Electrical fixtures diagrammatic location. Audible and visible signal circuit wiring diagram. Strut main center.

Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats
Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats
Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats
Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats
Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats
Building the PT Boats Building the PT Boats

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