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In a rare occurrence for Twitter , a holiday trend topped our chart for two weeks in a row. International soccer returns to the number two slot after a week on the bottom rungs, and buzz about the NBA Draft kept basketball top-of-mind for tweeters, even after the championship games have come and gone. O Twitter , thou art a fickle friend. Another surprise: MySpace! Yes, that relic and pioneer of the early Web 2.

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It was a beautiful time for online friendship, great music, seizure-inducing animated backgrounds, and unbridled Internet stalking. You can check past Twitter trends in our Top Twitter Topics section. More About: social media , Top Twitter Topics , trends , twitter , twitter trends. Not Burt Reynolds has less followers then most accounts on this list, but with tweets like "When I lose a follower, I just assumed they died.

Because let's face it, it's hard not to love me," and "You can call it a mustache, or a hairy set of angel wings," the account's sure to catch fire.

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Follow this account for tweets documenting what you imagine Mr Reynolds' life would be like. Facebook fave Betty White gets an unofficial voice offering amusing one liners and witty comment on current and celebrity events. The fake account's jokes cover her age, love of food and supposedly amorous past.

Outspoken movie director Michael Bay is the subject of this amusing account. Fake Bay's tweets portray him as a super-rich, power-hungry, self-obsessed loudmouth.

Walt Mosspuppet: Tech News and Opinion | The only technology journalist in the world.

Gary Busey's eccentric exploits make him ripe for a parody account and this one's a doozy. It ranges from vaguely NSFW quips to outrageous comments. Anyone easily offended will do well to stay away, everyone else — enjoy.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

There's no surprises to be had from this fake Chuck Norris profile, but it's a great source of Norris one-liners. It's been a while since it's been updated but a fresh batch of followers might goad the account holder out of vacation-mode. Let's hope! This profile was formerly ceoSteveJobs but it was forced to change its name to make it clear it's a parody account, as per Twitter's guidelines.

The Apple boss gets gently lampooned by this witty Twitter stream which imagines him banning Angry Birds from the App Store after a losing streak and firing someone for dropping the "F" bomb in a meeting. The "F" in question? Flash, of course. The talk show queen is sent up in fine style here. We'd recommend following sooner rather than later though, because the legit-looking account is vulnerable to a take-down notice, especially now that Oprah has a little more time on her hands.

This fake account portrays Nick Nolte as permanently impaired on various substances. While we don't know what the real Nolte thinks, we do know that more than 35, people find his fake alter ego amusing indeed. By no means the only majestic imposter on Twitter, Queen UK boasts impressive followers subjects , surely? Elizabeth Windsor's real-time, gin-soaked views on current affairs are a treat to see in your timeline. Long live the Queen! The mysterious "CWalken" was another account that got closed down.

It lives on, however, in the guise of Formerly C Walken. Part poetry, part stream of consciousness, somehow these fabulous tweets capture just what you'd expect to come from the pen of the enigmatic Hollywood actor. Sheer class. More About: celebrities , gallery , internet celebrities , Lists , twitter , Twitter Lists , web celebrities.

Top Twitter Trends This Week:

International soccer dribbled its way to the top of our chart for the second week in a row , thanks to a smattering of trends that kept the Twitterverse buzzing. Talk of the E3 video game conference and its exciting reveals and previews grabbed hold of Twitter for most of the week, and rarely let go. And the MTV Movie Awards, broadcast June 5, had enough staying power throughout the week to land it and related trends in the number three slot on our chat. Sports and Bieber. International soccer, a trend that has hovered around number three or four on our chart for weeks, has finally broken through to the top slot, thanks to some big matches and the discussion of FIFA politics.

Tweets about the tournament propelled the topic to the number two spot — a rare feat for American sports on Twitter. The Biebs rings in at number three.

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We can confirm that The Rapture did not , in fact, happen as scheduled, but has been postponed until October Were it not for the impending apocalypse, the Billboard Music Awards might have taken the number one spot. Appearances by American pop royalty got tweeters chatting, sending sentiment about the show to number two on our chart. Justin Bieber is back at the top of the Twitter trends list, and all is right with the world.

No reason. Beliebers just like to reminisce, especially in the Asia Pacific. Soccer makes its regular appearance, this time at the number two spot thanks to a few popular international matches. And the Jonas Brothers, recurring stars on our weekly list, jumped up to the number three slot as fans anticipate their latest single. The site has grown into a platform whereby people exchange links, share photos, break news and learn. The actor formerly known as "Doogie Howser" who's experienced a comeback of sorts on How I Met Your Mother joined Twitter with a comedic message that pokes fun at the character limit.

Kutcher, who's acting career has taken a backseat to Nikon peddling and his interactive agency, Katalyst Media, is one of the early Twitter celebrities. Two years ago, Kutcher was in a race with CNN to be the first person to reach one million followers , which he did on April 16, This moment was an indication that Twitter had gone mainstream, and Kutcher went on Oprah that week to help Winfrey post her first tweet.

But Kutcher had humble beginnings -- his first tweet merely expressed that he was sharing his first tweet. Veteran actor Tom Hanks made a charming entry with his first tweet on January 11, -- the classic mic joke. Like much of her career, Britney Spears' first tweet on October 10, , seems to have been handled by her management team. It's a straightforward welcome to Britney's Twitter world. Obama joined Twitter two months after he announced his candidacy for the presidential election. Appropriately, his first tweet was optimistic and self-promotional, including a plug for his website.

Film critic Roger Ebert is one of the more insightful, poignant tweeters on the social platform, and he's been that way since he joined the network. His first tweet on October 4, , was a touching comment on aging. Funnyman Conan O'Brien first tweeted on February 24, It was in the aftermath of the NBC shakeup that booted the redhead from The Tonight Show and launched his fan-powered social media presence.

Sheen launched a winning social media campaign by joining Twitter on March 1, The beauty of Twitter is that it enables us to communicate with celebrities, politicians and even royalty. Queen Rania joined Twitter on May 7, Since then, she has explored Twitter as a diplomatic tool, even posting a Twitvid to promote tourism in Jordan.

NASA launched a Twitter account to share news of space exploration, historical tidbits and shuttle updates. Its first tweet, on December 20, , reminisced about the launch of Apollo Clarence House's first tweet came on November 15, -- just one day before the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged. It's almost like they knew word of the Royal Wedding would spread quickly on Twitter Lady Gaga loves her "little monsters," but her first tweet came before she knew of "The Fame" that would come her way.

Gaga tweeted about rehearsing for a music video and performing at a party -- appropriate for the "What's happening? Twitter, of course, isn't just a tool for English speakers. His first tweet, on April 28, , reads: "Hey how's it going? I appeared like I said I would: at midnight. I'm off to Brazil. And very happy to work for Venezuela. We will be victorious!! The Jersey Shore's most famous guidette made a splash with her honest and oh-so-typical first tweet on April 3, Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh has himself become a brand, and though he peddles shoes, Zappos has become synonymous with impeccable customer service and "delivering happiness.

New York Times tech reporter David Pogue first tweeted on October 19, , dropping a line about heading to a tech expo in the morning. Steve Martin's first tweet on September 11, proves that Twitter is a great platform for pithy punchlines.

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  8. Kesha of "Tik Tok" fame took her 'tude to Twitter on March 23, where her handle is keshasuxx. Keeping her habits of odd characters and intentional misspellings of words, her first tweet makes little sense. Tech honcho Bill Gates jumped on the bandwagon relatively early. On February 9, , he suggested that Microsoft get in on the Twitter game, perhaps foreseeing the platform's rise to prominence. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the very first tweet on March 21, - the first of many billions to come.

    Though the Dalai Lama is known for peace, serenity and holiness, that didn't stop him from joining Twitter. His first tweet, on February 22, , served as a modern day press release -- he announced an appearance and provided a link. The domestic goddess Martha Stewart could barely contain her excitement about "using Twitter for the first time! It's reminiscent of the tone she used in Twitter's fifth birthday video. Jello-peddling, sweater-sporting Bill Cosby changed "sweet" to "tweet" in his first character update on July 7, Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson is known for being an outdoorsy thrillseeker, but his first tweet shows a softer side.

    On October 22, , Branson tweeted about his children, Holly and Sam, and how they're "coping" as they sought to break the trans-Atlantic sailing record. President Obama has his own Twitter account, and so too does his home. With new technology, animation studios are able to produce more and more high-quality digital options. Find the best movie previews to hit the internet -- search and discover movie trailers on the web. The zombie movies coming in sound intriguing, and some of them even have some A-list stars in them.

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    Updated July 20, with five new Marvel Studios releases. Science fiction is a genre dedicated to taking risks and breaking new ground, Check out the best movies of and the best sci-fi films of A complete list of Comedy movies in It's just unfortunate that there are so few new zombie flicks coming next year — at. IMDb is your ultimate source for new movies and our "Coming Soon" pages provide you an easy way to learn about upcoming movies, many times before the final release dates. We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts.

    Each month, Netflix adds new movies and TV shows to its library. Summer Movie Guide Around The Web.

    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)
    A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1) A Phone To Die For (The Mosspuppet Mysteries Book 1)

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